The following steps to change the high DPI settings through the application properties dialog has been reported to solve a problem where fonts in the Version 5.5 edit window appear blurry.  The following uses Scientific WorkPlace, but the same steps apply to using Scientific Word or Scientific Notebook.

1) Locate the SWP shortcut icon on your desktop and right click it.  This opens a menu that includes Open file location.


Locate the SWP shortcut on the Windows Start Menu and right click it. This opens a menu that includes Open file location.

2) Click the Open file location menu item.  This will open the File Explorer with the application highlighted.

3) Right click the application file (swp-pro for Scientific WorkPlace, sciword for Scientific Word, or scinoteb for Scientific Notebook).  This opens a menu that includes Properties. Click the Properties menu item.

4) The Properties dialog for the application opens.  Click the Compatibility tab.

5) The Compatibility tab opens.  Click the Change high DPI settings button.

6) A new dialog appears with the high DPI settings selections.  Turn on the check box to select Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in Settings.

7) Also, turn on the check box to select Override high DPI scaling behavior, Scaling performed by: Application. This option was called Disable display scaling on high DPI settings in previous versions of Windows.

8) Click OK to save changes and close each of the two open dialogs.

9) Exit SWP if it is running and then start to check for this issue.

Some information about this problem are available from Microsoft and other sites:

Windows 10 Blurry Text? Here’s How to Fix it.