The SW install program adds certain LaTeX input files such as tcilatex.tex that is often used by documents.  If you have a compile error where tcilatex.tex or some other package file cannot be found, then the TeX Live filename database may need to be updated.

Use the following steps:

- From the Windows Start Menu, find the TeX Live 2016 (or TeX Live 2017) group and use the shortcut TeX Live Manager to start the TeX Live Manager program.
- Use the Actions menu item from the TeX Live Manager and then the menu item Update filename database.
- This begins the update process.  Wait until you see in the message area of the program "mktexlsr: Done."
- Use the tlmgr menu item and then Quit to exit the TeX Live Manager.


- Start the Terminal program that can be found in the Utilities folder below the Applications folder.

- At the prompt enter:  sudo texhash

- You will be prompted for your password.

- You should see Updating followed by a directory name, several times.

- When completed you will see Done.

- Exit the Terminal program.