The SW install program adds certain LaTeX input files such as tcilatex.tex that is often used by documents.  If you have a compile error where tcilatex.tex or some other package file cannot be found, then the TeX Live filename database may need to be updated.

Use one of the set of following steps:

Windows using TeX Live
- From the Windows Start Menu, find the TeX Live 20xx group (where xx is 19, 18, or 17, depending on the version of TeX Live installed) and use the shortcut TeX Live Manager to start the TeX Live Manager program. Accept the security message that may appear.
- Use the Actions menu item from the TeX Live Manager and then the menu item Regenerate filename database for TeX Live 2019 or Update filename database for TeX Live 2018 or 2017.
- This begins the update process. Wait until you see in the message area of the program "mktexlsr: Done."
- Close any open dialog and then use File menu and Exit for TeX Live 2019 or the tlmgr menu item and then Quit for TeX Live 2018 or 2017 to exit the TeX Live Manager.

Windows using MiKTeX (installed separately)

- From the Windows Start Menu, find the MiKTeX 2.9 group and then the Maintenance or Maintenance (Admin) group (select the former if MiKTeX is installed only for yourself and the later if installed for any user on the computer).

 - In the appropriate Maintenance group select MiKTeX Settings to start the administrative program.

- In the MiKTeX Options dialog, on the General tab, click the button Refresh FNDB.

- When the filename database update has been completed, clisk OK to exit the administrative program.


- Start the Terminal program that can be found in the Utilities folder below the Applications folder.

- At the prompt enter:  sudo texhash

- You will be prompted for your password.

- You should see Updating followed by a directory name, several times.

- When completed you will see Done.

- Exit the Terminal program.