Product serial number is required

You must have the serial number for your purchased version of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook.

A Version 6 serial number can be used with earlier versions of the program.  You can ignore warning messages about version mismatch.

The serial number is of the form 403-E0600-12345-12345-12345.  The first digit of the serial number indicated the product with 4 for Scientific WorkPlace, 3 for Scientific Word, or 1 for Scientific Notebook.  The second group of the serial number indicates the language and version.  The E is for English.  There are also J for Japanese and G for German versions.  The 6 indicates Version 5.5.  Other versions are 5 for Version 5.0, 4 for Version 4.1, or 3 for Version 4.0.  Version 3.5 serial numbers do not have the second group in the serial number, so they have only the first three digits with three groups of five digits, each group separated by a dash.

The serial number was delivered on a sticker attached to the cardboard CD carrier.  If you already have the program installed, you can find the serial number used when the program was installed by selecting Help, System Features.  The serial number will also be in the license file, license.lic located in the Licenses directory below where the program is installed.  If you included your email address when you registered your program, you received an email from with the license file that also includes the serial number.  As a last resort, you can contact and we will search our registration database for your serial number using your email address.  Only if you included your email address during registration will we have any record of your serial number.

Locate the product installer

If you have the product CD, check to make sure it is the final build for the version you are using.  There will be a build number near the right center of the CD.  For Version 5,5 you want Build 2960.  If you can't locate your CD, or have an earlier build, you can download the product installer.  

Download links for Version 5.5 can be found near the bottom of the Version 6 download page. The download files can be directly found at Download Version 5.5 of MacKichan Software Products.

Download links for versions 5.0 and 4.1 can be found from the corresponding patch update pages.  The patch update pages have two sets of download files: the patch files to update and already installed version, and the full download file.  Scroll down to find the full install file for your product.  See Patch update 2606 for Version 5 or Free Build 2363 Update for V4.1 or V4.0.

The Version 5.5 books are also available for download as PDF files.  Find these links at the bottom of Books from MacKichan Software.

Install the product

Use your product CD or run the download installer to begin the installation.  You may need to turn off any anti-virus products to avoid issues during installation.  There have been reports of install issues.  Make sure you have administrative privileges when installing.  Also, what seems to avoid installation issues is to restart your computer in safe mode to do the installation.  Information on starting in safe mode can be found at Advanced startup options (including safe mode) for Window 7 or Start your PC in safe mode in Windows 10.

Register your product

You must register to receive a license file that is specific to the computer where the software is installed.  You can register during installation, or after installation by starting the program and using Help, Register.  Once the registration is complete you can check for a valid license by using Help, System Features.  A valid license file will show a long list of features in the lower part of the dialog marked Available.  When in viewer mode only three features are listed.  

There are cases when a Version 6 serial number is used to register the requested earlier version license is not issued and a Version 6 license only is issued.  If this happens, or if there are other registration issues, contact with the registration information (serial number and computer ID).