Here is the information we have for the Version 6 silent install:


The current installers have some capability to do a silent installation. For Windows, you need a desktop connection (RDC), and access to the installer on the machine. The requested UAC Execution Level is “requireAdministrator”, so the installation process needs to be able to get that level. Whatever the installer’s name is, e.g. swp-6.0.15-windows-installer.exe, I’ll refer to it as “installer.exe”. In the command(s), you need to use it’s real name.

installer.exe --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui minimal


will do an installation where you are shown the progress dialog, but are not asked any of the questions. When you type this to a command prompt, the installer is started and the command window returns a new prompt immediately.

“minimal” above can also be “none”, in which case you don’t see the progress dialog. Since the command window returns a prompt immediately, it is pretty hard to tell when the installation is done using this mode.

The command above will install TeX Live. You can avoid that with the command:

installer.exe --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui minimal --disable-components TLNET

This does not install TL, but it takes all the defaults about where TeX is located. If you want some TeX other than the one we would have installed, you would have to edit and run MSITEX.cmd after the installation. Of course, you can edit this file in advance and ship it to the machine to be run after the installation.

Find all the available options to the install program with the command:

installer.exe --help



For Mac the situation is a little different. The installer is delivered as a disk image which must be mounted. Whatever the disk image is named (as above), I’ll call it “installer.dmg”. So,

open installer.dmg

will mount it. It will contain an installer app, “”. You then execute
sudo /Volumes/SWP-6.0/ —mode unattended —unattendedmodeui none

and give the appropriate administrator password. You would use /Volumes/SW-6.0/... for SW, etc. You can add —disable-components TLNET to disable installation of TeX Live with the same caviat as above. The file to be edited would be /Applications/MacKichan/ .

When the installation is finished, you are left with a mounted disk that you no longer need.

diskutil unmount SWP-6.0


should unmount it.