If you see the message:
Failed to update the system registry. 

Please try using REGEDIT. 

when you start the program, you installed using an earlier than Build 2960 install program and are using Vista, Windows 7/8, or later.

This message is not related to the registration/licensing used by the programs.

Increased security provisions by Windows prevent our programs from updating certain system registry entries.  

You can safely ignore the message. Choose OK and continue working.

If you don't want to see the message each time, run the program one time as Administrator to update the registry and turn off the messages:

1. If the program is currently running, exit the program.

2. Right-click the SWP, SW, or SNB program shortcut on the Desktop.

3. Select Run as administrator.  Continue past the warning dialog and provide the password your system uses, as needed.

4. The program will start.

5. Exit the program.

6. Start the program normally, and the message will no longer appear.

See Using SWP, SW, or SNB with Windows Vista or Windows 7/8/10 for this and other issues that have been encountered when using Version 5.5 or older with Windows.