There can sometimes be problems when certain graphics are processed using the graphics filters included with SW. If you are using .jpg and/or .png graphics, the original graphics can be included in the compiled PDF file without processing through the graphics filters. Use the following steps:

- In SW, select Typeset, General Settings, and choose the PDF Graphics Settings button.
- In the PDF Graphics Export Options dialog, delete the directory that may be in the "Graphics subdirectory name" box.
- Under Apply Export Options to, if not already selected, choose "Selected graphics" and then choose "Special graphics sets". On the right under "Export Options" select "Leave graphics unchanged".
- Use OK to close the open dialogs.

There is also a registry change needed so SW will use the original graphics rather than generating a new graphics. For Scientific WorkPlace 5.5, the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MacKichan Software\Scientific Workplace\5.50\GraphicsMisc\

or for Scientific Word 5.5, the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MacKichan Software\Scientific Word\5.50\GraphicsMisc\

should have it's value changed from the default of 0.075 to 2. You can do this using the regedit program. Alternatively, you can edit the file swp-pro.ins used by Scientific WorkPlace or sciword.ins used by Scientific Word that is read when SW starts by adding the lines:


and also changing:




under [Installation] near the top of the file. The .ins file is located in the SW install directory (usually c:\swp55 or c:\sw55).