When Scientific Word or Scientific WorkPlace 6.0 typesets a document, first its internal form is converted to LaTeX. Much of this is done with an .xsl file. We have made changes to this file so that it allows for a more accurate conversion. The name of this file is comp-latex.xsl and is located in the profile directory. See Locating the Profile for details on locating this directory.

First, make sure that the software is closed When you have located the the comp-latex.xsl file, rename it so that you have a back up. Then, download the attached file into the profile directory. Then, when you open the software and compile a document, this new file will be used.

So far, the following fixes have been implemented with the .xsl file.

Alignment points in multi-line equations are placed more accurately.

The underscore and caret symbols can be typeset in math mode.
All of the general punctuation symbols can be typeset in math mode.
The Body Math environment is typeset without the words "Body math".
Large binomials typeset as large.

The blackboard bold k typesets correctly.

Limits on operators typeset in the appropriate location.

Displayed tables no longer cause the "No line to end here" warning.
The incorrect "eqnarray**" construct is no longer part of the LaTeX file.

We will continue to post updated copies of the comp-latex.xsl file as fixes are implemented. If you encounter problems that are not on this list, please notify our support team and they will be added to the list of problems to be fixed.