The Macintosh version uses the system Dictionary app.  The    Dictionary app recognizes additional language dictionaries installed through Firefox.  Visit    Dictionaries & Language Packs using the Firefox browser on your Macintosh to add language dictionaries.  Use the Dictionary app to select the dictionary or dictionaries to use when spell checking.  SWP/SW/SNB will then automatically use those selected dictionaries when spell checking your document.


The Windows version uses dictionary files that are compatible with Firefox.  If you have an additional language dictionary file installed in Firefox, you can copy the dictionary files to the dictionary directory below where SWP/SW/SNB is installed and the additional language dictionary will be available.


Following are some more detailed steps to add an additional language dictionary.


- Using Firefox, visit (Dictionaries & Language Packs).  Select the additional    language dictionary you want to install.  Use the Install Dictionary link and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.


- The Firefox additional language dictionary files are added below the profile directory.  The profile directory can be different for different versions of Windows and also different for local or network log in. A reliable way to locate the profile directory is to use %appdata%, a predefined Windows variable that contains the root for the profile directory. Start Windows Explorer by using the Start Menu and clicking Computer (or My Computer, depending on the particular version of Windows). In the address bar enter %appdata% and press Enter. Windows Explorer will update to show the root of the profile directory, typically a directory like C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming where <user> is the name of the currently logged in user.


Open the Mozilla directory, then the Firefox directory, and then the Profiles directory.  The next level directory is a generated name, so it will be different for each installation, but it will be something like u7u5beq1.default-1414710508945.  Open this directory and then open the extensions directory.  Below this will be directories for any additional dictionaries that had been installed, and other installed extensions.  Locate the directory for the language you added.  Below this directory will be the directory named dictionaries that contains the dictionary files.  Open the dictionaries directory to find the .dic and .aff files that are the additional language dictionary files.  These files will need to be copied to the SWP/SW/SNB directory, as indicated below.

- The SWP/SW/SNB dictionary files are located in the dictionaries directory below where the program is installed.  For 32-bit versions of Windows, this will be C:\Program Files\MacKichan, and for 64-bit versions of Windows this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\MacKichan, followed by SWP for Scientific WorkPlace, SW for Scientific Word, or SNB for Scientific Notebook.  


To give a specific example, the Hungarian dictionary can be added for use by SWP by first adding the dictionary to Firefox, and then    copying these two files:








to the directory:


C:\Program Files (x86)\MacKichan\SWP\dictionaries