Use the following steps to check that documents can create PDF files after updating to the newest release of Scientific Word or Scientific WorkPlace.  Sometimes the connection to the TeX Live system becomes broken, so this is a quick check to make sure the system is operating properly.

  1. Start the program.
  2. Select File, New Document and select the Reports shell directory and the SW_Report_1 shell document.
  3. Choose OK to open the new document.
  4. Click the PDF Preview tab.
  5. If the PDF for the document appears, then the health test completed correctly and you can continue your usual use of the program.
  6. If the PDF for the document does not appear, and instead a TeX Error dialog showing "Unable to create a PDF file." appears.  After closing the TeX Error dialog, the TeX compilation errors dialog will appear with a message like, "! LaTeX Error: File `tcibkpk.sty' not found.  This indicates that the TeX Live filename database should be updated.  
  7. Close the TeX compilation errors dialog and then follow the steps at Updating the TeX Live 2016 filename database.
  8. After following the steps in the referenced article, repeat the health test to create a PDF file.  This should now work without difficulty.