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Citation: Double years for the same author


I straggle to find a way to add a citation that appears in the bodytext as for example Woodford (1994, 2003). I use SWP version 6. I use a bibtex database that I created and a te.bst style. The file of the bibtex style is attached. Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you!

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If you want to add a citation to a reference that is already in your BibTeX database, then use Insert, Typeset Object, Citation.  If you want to add a new reference to your BibTeX database, then this is done outside of SW using a tool to edit the BibTeX database.  A tool that has been used successfully by others is Jabref.  A quick internet search will locate Jabref.

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@George Person, Thank you very much fro your reply! Actually, the two references are already in my BibTex database. Let's say the first paper is of Woodford (1994) and the second (of the same author) Woodford (2003). What I want to do is to create a citation that mix these two references to give me something like Woodford (1994, 2003) after compilation. 

You will want to enter both keys in the citation dialog, separating each key with a comma.  Unfortunately, the interface doesn't allow selecting multiple keys, but you can type in multiple keys.  You can also copy/paste into the key field, so the following steps will work:

- Select Insert, Typeset object, Citation to open the citation dialog.

- Select the first key for the citation entry using the interface.

- With the key in the Key field, type a comma.

- Highlight the Key field.

- Use Ctrl-x to cut the contents of the Key field to the clipboard.

- Select the second key for the citation entry using the interface.

- Move the cursor to the beginning of the Key field.

- Use Ctrl+v to paste the contents of the clipboard, adding the first key to the Key field.

- You can use the OK button to close the dialog at this point, or repeat as needed by adding a comma to the end of the key list and then continuing with steps from above.

How the citation actually appears will be controlled by the BibTeX bibliography style.  Most likely, you will see an entry of the form Woodford (1994), Woodford (2003).

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